Masking tape




Material description General physical characteristics
The type of glue Synthetic rubber Adhesion to steel plates (stripping)

GB/ t2792-2014 (20 minutes)

≥3.5 N/25mm
Retentivity ≥2hr
Substrate Masking tape Static shear force (hold)

GB/T4851-2014(24×24 mm)

Thickness Synthetic rubber 0.06 mm


Masking tape 0.08 mm


Initial adhesion (initial adhesion)

(14# steel ball)

Amount to 0.140mm(140μm)
      Solvent resistance Good
Color Red, White, Blue, Green, Black Temperature tolerance 60℃
Expiration date The original packaging, since

the right to hold the delivery within

12months, in 21 ℃ (70 ℉), and 50%

relative humidity environmentpreservation



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